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About Us

Building and Fire Compliance provide the best fire protection service in Hawke’s Bay. Our expertise will help keep your buildings safe and your costs down.

Available 24/7 365 Days A year

We make building fire compliance hassle-free and cost-effective in Hawke's Bay

Friendly and easy to work with

Reliable and stress-free inspections

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Excellent Team

Our team of experienced and highly-trained inspectors will quickly identify fire system issues, and ensure you have the best fire protection alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lights, sprinkler systems and safety training.

Fast & Efficient

Building & Fire Compliance delivers complete, hassle-free solutions for you. We provide complete satisfaction on every project we work on - large or small. Our commitment to integrity, excellence and safety is absolute.

Quality Service

Our focus is on building long term relationships with our customers by providing cost-effective building safety and fire protection solutions for you, whenever you need them.