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Fire Extinguishers

We can supply Hawke's Bay buildings with any kind of compliant fire extinguishers.

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We make building fire compliance hassle-free and cost-effective in Hawke's Bay

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Is Your Fire Extinguisher Suitable For The Job?

The successful performance of a fire extinguisher depends on the right equipment, appropriate placement, proper maintenance, and trained users.

Building and Fire Compliance will ensure your staff and building are prepared for any fire eventuality.

We’ll make sure you have the right types of extinguishers, to fight the fire risk for different areas of your premises, so you can minimize damage to your building and equipment and reduce the chances of the fire intensifying.

After an extinguisher has been used, even if only partially, it must be recharged or replaced and all extinguishers should be fully serviced annually.

Building and Fire Compliance services test and sells fire extinguishers for all classes of fire. Our highly-trained technicians inspect and certify them to the NZ Standards NZS4503. For your convenience, our technicians will remind you when your service is due and make the necessary arrangements to carry out the service.

The different classes of extinguishers are:

Class A – Ordinary Combustible Solids Wood, paper, cloth, plastics, rubber, coal, carbon based compounds etc.

Class B – Flammable & Combustible Liquids Petrol, oil, paint, thinners, kerosene, alcohol, etc.

Class C – Flammable Gases L.P.G., Butane, Acetylene, Hydrogen, natural gas and Methane etc.

Class D – Combustible Metals Magnesium, aluminium, sodium or potassium etc.

Class E – Electrically Energised Equipment Computers, switchboards, power-boards, etc.

Class F – Cooking Oils and Fats Cooking oils and fats usually in industrial kitchens.

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