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Fire Alarms & Sprinklers

Early fire detection is critical to protect the safety of your building occupants and staff, and to minimize loss, damage and downtime for your business. It's not just a good idea - it's a requirement.

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We make building fire compliance hassle-free and cost-effective in Hawke's Bay

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Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Protection Systems

Building and Fire Compliance will identify and supply the best alarm and sprinkler systems for your building. We will keep your fire protection systems compliant. 

We install, inspect, test, and maintain fire alarms and sprinklers in accordance with the NZ Standard, NZS4512, and sprinkler alarms to NZS4541, keeping your building, its occupants, and contents safe.

When installing a fire safety system, you must also consider the ongoing cost and commitment that will be required over the life of the system.

The NZ Standard mandates that regular inspection, testing, repair, and maintenance on fire alarm and sprinkler systems be undertaken and completed by qualified technicians on an annual basis.

That's all part of the service we will provide.

Sprinker Systems And Fire Alarm