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Building Warrant Of Fitness

Your building needs a Building Warrant of Fitness,(BWOF) which must be renewed annually and publicly displayed.  At Building and Fire Compliance, we are dedicated to making this a fast and easy process for you.

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BWOFs, 12As & IQP Inspections

Each building has certain features (specified systems as below) that need to be inspected and tested regularly by an Independent Qualified Person (IQP).

After inspection, the Independent Qualified Person (IQP) can then issue a Building Warrant Of Fitness (BWOF) and a signed 12A certificate.

Specified Systems

SS1 – Automatic systems for fire suppression (for example, sprinkler system)

SS2 – Automatic or manual emergency warning systems for fire or other dangers (other than a warning system for fire that is entirely within a household unit and serves only that unit)

SS3 – Electromagnetic or automatic doors or windows (for example, ones that close on fire alarm activation)

SS4 – Emergency lighting systems

SS5 – Escape route pressurisation systems

SS6 – Riser mains for use by fire services

SS7 – Automatic backflow preventers connected to a potable water supply

SS8 – Lifts, escalators, travelators, or other systems for moving people or goods within buildings

SS9 – Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems

SS10 – Building maintenance units providing access to exterior and interior walls of buildings

SS11 – Laboratory fume cupboards

SS12 – Audio loops or other assistive listening systems

SS13 – Smoke control systems

SS14 – Emergency power systems for, or signs relating to, a system or feature specified in any of clauses 1-13

SS15 – Any or all of the following systems and features, so long as they form part of a building’s means of escape from fire, and so long as those means also contain any or all of the systems or features specified in clauses 1 to 6, 9, and 13:

  • a. Systems for communicating spoken information intended to facilitate evacuation; and
  • b. Final exits (as defined by clause A2 of the building code); and
  • c. Fire separations (as so defined); and
  • d. Signs for communicating information intended to facilitate evacuation; and
  • e. Smoke separations (as so defined).